Mahesh has True Followers

There is a new star every now and then but it takes a 'Mahesh Babu' to define what it takes to be a Superstar like no other.


Mahesh Babu’s legion of fans who never cease to increase.

He is sensitive to the box office results even though his stardom isn’t. He has a heart of gold and wears it on his sleeve with no qualms. He is a courageous soul who has the nerve to announce publicly that people should choose to watch his films only if they meet their expectations. He is a fan’s sweetheart who doesn’t demand love, he commands respect. He follows a path that leads to adopting villages and social service inspiring millions on his way. Hence he doesn’t have fans, he has followers.

His words come straight from heart and his intentions never have a filter. He is a full time family man, endorser of ways to stop smoking, honest and extremely committed to his words. In short he is a ‘MAN.’

Bharat Ane Nenu, his next outing at the ticket counters speaks about how real men are the ones who stick to their words come what may. As genuine fans who appreciate good work and give honest feedback when something goes wrong with the film, we feel as if Bharat Ane Nenu has taken a leaf out of Superstar MaheshBabu’s real life. Many of Bharat’s qualities resonate with the impeccable character of our beloved Prince Mahesh Babu.

Bharat Ane Nenu is both socially relevant and socially responsible. It is a piece of art in its truest sense. The hero here redefines the meaning of Politician and replaces it with that of a leader. He embarks on a path that breaks stereotypes, that is ruthless to lawbreakers, that is empowering every righteous commoner.

Just like Mahesh Babu who wishes well for the Telugu industry by creating a new trend of a major film star supporting the other, Bharat wants the best for his people and can go to any extent for the same.

All in all, Bharat Ane Nenu explores the facets of Mahesh Babu through his character Bharat and embarks on a journey which will culminate on April 20th in theatres near us with our verdict.




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